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All in all these bricks in the wall Intend to stall the progress of standard Protocol like a stall incites the Falling out of grace from a safe space Embrace the fallacy of a gross anatomy Full of free radicals who adapted The tactics of mechanical animals Survival of the fittest Politics of the business with the intent To create dissent and manifest That monster divide and conquer Annihilation of honor on a scale That sets us up to fail from the genesis As we arrest the innocence That at one time felt infinite
Hollow Akira 03:00
Five dimensional chess games to maintain Keeping the little brains in check Like here’s a foot on the neck for everyone Is there a master of none in the place Who can make us face facts with no tact? Statuesque with open arms to help Embrace the blowback and twist facts Into a gauntlet tucked inside a labyrinth It’s calculated madness mutating into the average Tactic meant to drag you down To a preexisting and everlasting absence Of a base humanity where fiends for toxic interaction Chase the dragon unattended For those offended The focus will get more intensive than any resentment You are gifted or happen to witness Courtesy of the wicked The often self-appointed misrepresented That emanate the insipid Have you ever seen an aggressive victim In their natural ecosystem fall in line To personify the common symptoms? Misery pulling the company in like tractor beams To try and build regimes that go to great extremes To shatter dreams Live from life inside a society that walkabout In the mouth of madness with knives out Like taking a stab at making a turnabout Of our fair play daily Shaping life into No Exit vaguely Other people now manifesting Hades mainly For your safety consider Disconnecting prior to some deep reflection Like an answer isn’t necessary When one rejects the question or the Source that’s asking absent of remorse Snaring a trap to overlap Our collective frustrations and shortcomings See what demons they can summon Interruption of silent running Stalled out in the ether just like followers That have lost faith in the latest leader It’s a mess of rumors and gallows humor Cheap shots, the shallow version of deep thoughts Enemies on the eve of an epoch In the form of a pressure drop that’s Born of friction and resistance Imaginary danger dwells within this middle distance Running things away it can’t slay With a bit of caustic wit that’s Meant to split sides into great divides For their own benefit Like nihilistic misfits mixed in with shadetree anarchists Cats who clearly never took the time To handle an amethyst for soul adjustment Like a cure for the derangement from contagions In the way of things potentially amazing if not Life-changing, step away for some reevaluation Or at least a quick escape from the debasing Like a taste of victory For the victims of the vindictive Who have been depicted as some paradox That’s phasing from existence
Flux Populi 04:28
Flux Populi for the next topic Brainwashed into astonishment of catastrophic levels Details that contain devils All readily available and easily attainable You never knew that they’ll drain you of your essence Cause another wing attack alphabet session Common Law lobotomy for the sake of artistry Tommyknockers trapped in an underground odyssey Navigate a maze of consecutive dark days And mark demon time by signs that emerge from the haze To direct you away from the pain Ingrained in the membrane of the insane Just to get a rep it’s lockstep maneuvering Rather than rational or intuitive clueing in Mass transit away from any obvious answers As viscera becomes gold standard This conflated operation will lay waste To any trace of pure imagination it may face If you’re not falling in line by following the design Then they might eliminate your kind Fight for your mind like it’s more than a pink mist I insist that you exist to your fullest potential And don’t let the powers that be trap you in your own mental (CHORUS) Upgrade straight to the system Kill ‘em with the opposite of silence Second guessing will be your blessing Flux Populi is the science Numerous tactics that erratic factions will Enact to impact our social transactions From the natural expansions that occur Keeping clarity minimal within the blur Talking points for those anointed to deliver Figureheads fronting like they got it all figured out When the clout they brandished might vanish So quick that whiplash might induce sickness In every follower forced to bear witness Call it business as usual Free thought funeral arrangement Leaving people hanging on Like some song that remains the same Slick talking like let me at ‘em So I can speak the Language of Adam and raise these phantoms Handling souls with remote control Who aren’t wise to the fact that they’ve been institutionalized How many years were spent as gears sent here To welcome the machine? Face the nation for another dose of calibration From the latest administration Shedding light on the never ending cycles Force-feeding you the fantasies of false idols All gassed up over meaningless titles That only impress their dedicated disciples (CHORUS) Inverse power to the people made equal to Less than zero due to no agency When away from the mothership like Follow me into oblivion will symbolize the world that I’m living in Making ripples in brainwaves to stave off The constant change and keep your cult on the same page Those who trust the process are not lost yet Though they are set in another man’s ways Follow the fire created by an outlier like CaT2D And I’ll lead them to freedom’s horizon Where lies and alibis are denied Rapid autonomy is the next step applied Choosing one side means you choose to hide From the work that is going down in the middle ground Sound gets muted and the message is diluted Missing the forest for the trees is deep rooted in the Modern day psyche so it’s most likely that Mental liminal space will prevail Limitation of a transition is embedded in the Source code sorta like a cryptic aesthetic Is it possible one can unpoison the well? What does it mean to sell dreams? Manufacturing friends with bad habits Prime ‘em with the lies then let ‘em have at it (CHORUS)
Ever get the feeling you’ve been climbing Uphill both ways for little to no praise? Every day makes every night mess everything up? Nothing ever serves as the right thing to bring up? Four dimensional chess of intention Without a gameplan or a clear definition Even when defending Sicilian you’re still the Villainous energy supposedly milling about Like a human daily dosage of doubt Crooked lines and we can’t straighten it out Now way to angle yourself out the tangle Taking the position of an antagonist acting like They will strangle your love just for kicks Sociopaths addicted to a quick fix that’ll Upset the natural mix every chance they can get Though it’s something that they’ll never admit If it doesn’t sit well then you’re well balanced Mark awareness as one of your unique talents In this needless challenge Where pretenders serve as contenders In a game that is absent of winners (CHORUS) How do you avenge when there isn’t an endgame? Novelize the novelty under a penname Fueled by the fumes of last night Poetic prisons all lit by gaslight Victims of verbal gravity will avidly agree That the ups and downs are unneeded Negativity is deep-rooted when it’s been deep-seated Feed it and things will get heated as Sense of self-worth is swiftly depleted Starting most days as if you’ve been defeated Feeling like an imprint on a glass ceiling Stealing away before things get revealing and you’re Dealing with the peeling away of the layers That you use to protect yourself from purveyors of Injust trust who will feel gratified by the Imminent rush like they’re high on dust See how it sounds? A little un-rational Here’s a ballad for the incompatible Channeling their passive aggression like a weapon Giving one another pain that you can’t deaden Let it happen and get used to cappin’ Better strap in from the moment they tap in Maybe you’re the crazy one Look at how you come undone under pressure Unfortunate son Step into another world without notice Keeping the reality coated in a motive Unchecked with intent to vex like a hex Seems isolated but everything connects Off and on but for now it’s on once again Time to pretend the thin line Between love and hate is all but eliminated Even divination leaves you unvindicated like you Anticipated based on the antiquated manner In which your data set was created Waiting on a weighted opinion to bend them A little bit closer to breaking what was once forsaken Total erasure This is the result of a full-grown debaser With a detonator and a lightning reflex To falsify truth no matter the pretext (CHORUS)
Gangstalking 03:27
(CHORUS) A call to the lonesome crowd Paranoia means no mistakes allowed Déjà vu might undo all the work you do As the common citizen is clued in Catering the beggar’s banquet ‘Cause I was hired for the poison pill placement task In this makeshift matrix that I identify as a wasteland Just in case I gotta break it down for the next man Using hypnotic suggestions ‘Cause nobody in their right mind after first impression Would sign up for this session Where the curses get dressed up and Presented as blessings The last of the seven just fell Everybody left get set for fresh hell When I cast this spell nonchalantly Upon the unfortunate forced to accept how costly the price is Fixation and objectification of our favorite vices Through augmentation of reality Taking in the totality like black MIDI tonality (CHORUS) Totally indifferent like an inverse sycophant Switching up to a common stock equivalent status Imprisonment of any dividends Meant to be distributed amongst the constituents Slap a stopgap on the matter In the manner of Flex Tape or your divine hammer On a mission for some pattern recognition To interject random elements into the system So systematic that it won’t seem erratic Unless you can detect what is enigmatic at a glance Taking a chance on intuition Putting the trust in a vibe check to get Next level with it all, curtain call preparations As we celebrate the devastation Search and destroy the world’s forgotten boy by Walking the line that defines gangstalking (CHORUS)
(CHORUS) Bizarro world navigator In any altered state I stay smooth operator Send him in to reclaim the black acres Instagator taking out the invaders Devil in a native headdress An object that never rests will maintain emotional motion While focusing on a distortion of tokenism Toxic alchemic alteration of a prism where Exchange is anything but equivalent And cultural colonizers collect On the social dividends like they’re Already spent when they could’ve let it sit for a bit And then operate off of the interest Move-makers with shallow gravedigger mentalities Leaves on the breeze of entitlement Downward spiraling rapidly and trapping Everything you’re infatuated with in the gravity Just like crabs in a bucket To love it is to understand that You shouldn’t place yourself above it Like a power dynamic in the form of a handout Knowing in due time you’ll ask it to stand down (CHORUS) I am the self-appointed dictator of Flip Fantasia Practicing my social euthenasia Until the here and now transitions into later Earned attribution as the absence creator like Black hole soul, rat race pole positional Shots lobbed at the disadvantaged hit critical Whether or not it’s intentional Smiling faces have created this hazy shade of criminal Activity born of various affinity Insiders turned into fiends for inclusion in Outsider industries, making frenemies and Working the angles created from the hostilities Faded memories in the making Like the foundation is up for the taking to the High bidder, figurehead of the misled Had Cliff’s Notes and the room was still misread No accountability Claimed legibility as a factor for impending disaster Selling burnt bridges to those With an embarrassment of riches And a somewhat suspicious lack of vision Who appropriated this appropriation? Green lit all of this cultural gentrification? Phasing out motivated creation by Taking every bit and turning it to a wasteland (CHORUS)
Shotgun surgery administered with a sense of desperate urgency This is a quickening so sickening it’s a state of emergency We are concurrently locked in an information age overload Access to the vastness gives traction to attack mode Battle royale of morality, mentality now holier than thou It’s a quandary comprised of dirty laundry we cannot disavow We are the sum of our victories and our shortcomings Hopefully you can learn something from it Before you are called out and your life plummets The court of public opinion is carrying on the tradition Of thinning the herd like blurred lines in attendance For some theater of the absurd Cash in hand, targets are in demand for collective reprimand Pick some name then hit ‘em with the Hunger Games Should they choose to take a stand Seems to me like we’ll all have a turn on the chopping block Where they take stock of your shared thoughts Through a retroactive lens like haves have never been In the have-not position feeling inefficient When they aren’t feeling mostly indifferent To the fact the artifacts they leave around Will cut them down to size by surprise like Universal Monsters Imposters in the crosshairs Staring right down the barrel of righteous indignation No collective awakening in the making the way we’re breaking bad Imprisonment of sentiments with a definition made ironclad Someone’s gonna hear exactly what you say in the wrong way And there’s no chance for retribution or a stay of execution Antithesis of a love movement founded on the basis Of personal amusement dims the lumens That we once found in humans
Thin Places 04:13
Who could ever harmonize all the havoc In the fabric of tangled up connected tangents? The electric sheep keep dreaming that the Unknown design continues to fall short of finding alignment Make the data mining feel like It was always in the grand design of an Infinite straight line schematic that is skewering the Chest cavities of the overly pragmatic Prone to erratic action in the hopes of Whatever personal satisfaction that is lacking Algorithms purging unknown knowns seeking Hiding places in the machinations from the Phasing out process checking off the boxes needed For creation of the land of the lossless Get a grip, inevitability of a Switch flip tripping up the simulation is a Real life situation in the making Indications of a mechanized wasteland on the horizon It’s an artificially intelligent attack on titan With writing in the firewall Metaphysical graffiti War bells drowning out a peace treaty “You need me” said the piece to the whole That was wrestling away systematic control The world is watching a removal of options That’ll leave a cautionary synopsis Synthezoid insurgents emerge from Catalytic convergence that is coded in cursive Binary star systems of collected wisdom Turned inward externalized To rise beyond the reach of the common man’s grasp Terra-formed tech taking us to task as they Bite the same hand that fed creation Seeking Ultron-level devastation Just to build on the dust that was formerly the best of us Like reduction setting up reconstruction abruptly Making us footnotes to a big nothing Back alley silicon valley of oblivion we are now living in Where get mined for data that makes dividends These are cloud backups to save the innocent From an artificially intelligent imminent instrument Automating our eradication With an infallible sense of dedication (CHORUS) The pressure is on As we wait around for the Second Renaissance Consider the cost of compliance The ancients would guide us down a path To the thin places Even Canibus is less barbaric Than the esoteric alphanumeric interference Putting people in hysterics, souls in remote control Vices fueled by devices Seismic sentience Reprogramming our loss of indigenous innocence Then update the wiki for wickedness To simulate the system’s ambivalence Our coding is in need of a code switch Everything’s screwed like low pitch And totally out of focus if you haven’t noticed Singularity severity is no myth (CHORUS)
What is nostalgia for a place you’ve never been to? Letting déjà vu move the spirits within you Until they escape like a clip through Vessels that phase past the walls of the venue Only to continue existence eternal in the Manifestation of an unread journal A journey to the outer rim Where they dim the lights Then it’s all long kiss goodnight Three lefts after you make the next right When the light at the end of the tunnel’s behind you Will find you on track to traverse the same black From whence you came like some participant In this particular round of the esoteric circle game What a convoluted arrangement Seemingly made in the name of nihilistic containment To brew emotional estrangement (CHORUS) Kicking your control system into gear With the flick of a switch Or the press of a button Modern man will fall in line like a summons Slow burn turning into what feels sudden Something tantamount to an uncanny valley walkabout Not particularly in a hurry for this three man journey Me, myself and I get by While navigating where the bygone reside Applied science fiction in the jurisdiction Forced to face the forbidden like Good riddance to another man’s treasure No pleasure principle for this type of lost soul Propagated voids to avoid They create ways to exploit schadenfreude Like some hot commodity Prison of the mind heavy on state property Each one in an isolated odyssey Caught up in its own velocity That’s gravitational autonomy Frontier theology, locked in the box With thoughts for a bit of inward cryptology (CHORUS)


"Flux Populi is a creative prompt-based writing exercise with the aim of bringing abstract and surrealist wordplay to the table in the hopes of communicating a range of general niche concepts. Th’ Mole reached out to Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice with a bank of production, and after selecting a range of beats, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice sifted through the tracks and applied concepts to them based on emotional reactions. After writing and recording the songs, all vocals were presented to Th’ Mole, who reshaped the songs around the lyrics, expanded the production and handled all mixing and mastering. Thanks to the connection that emerged from the Weird Rap Discussion Gang, and courtesy of Fake Four Inc., Flux Populi can be presented to the world as a sonic vision manifested through patient execution and intention. Hopefully it can be enjoyed without coming off as too much of a soapbox project, but sometimes, the times dictate the art, and with the world going through so many evolutions and changes at once, the album feels appropriate for the times."
- Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice


released May 6, 2022

produced, mixed and mastered by Th’ Mole written by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

1 - Lone Wolves (intro) [0:48] 2 - Hollow Akira [3:01]
3 - Flux Populi [4:35]
4 - Flagrant Two [3:37]
5 - Gangstalking [3:31]
side a - [15:32]

6 - Bizarro World [3:27]
7 - Black Sheeple [2:48]
8 - Thin Places [4:20]
9 - Liminal Space [2:50]
side b - [13:25]

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