Black Metal Demo Tape

by Gregory Pepper and His Problems

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Though not quite as sun abandoned and isolated as the Norwegian winters, Camp Pepper can still get awful dark and lonely. Compared to his previous LP, the guitarmony-laden, studio clean power pop ode CHORUS!, Black Metal Demo Tape finds the Guelph-based multi-instrumentalist handling performance and recording duties on his lonesome.

The brightness of Pepper’s music has long stood in juxtaposition to the darker, morbid themes of his lyrics – despair, alienation, a maybe too healthy love of slasher flicks – but on Black Metal Demo Tape, Pepper’s carpet finally matches his drapes. The BPMs have slowed to dirges, the guitars distorted until they roil and churn, a scaled back production gives the whole of it the third generational murkiness of a passed-around tape. Neither metal nor a demo tape, Pepper has married the primordial clangor of the former with the direct vulnerability of the latter to spawn a punishingly heavy pop album.

Andrew Hood, MMXVII


released February 24, 2017

written, performed & recorded by Gregory Pepper in his basement


all rights reserved



Fake Four Inc. New Haven, Connecticut

Fake Four Inc. is a record label based in New Haven, CT that specializes in experimental hip hop, indie pop and anything else we like.


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Track Name: Big Sister
showed me a tape it was black with a snake
off to never never land

dubbed me a copy of appetite
where do we go now?

big, big, sister
Track Name: Problems Theme Part 3
you know we filled it to the brim just to spill
they took the pie off my window sill
the car don’t wanna climb up a hill
oh but compared to the sound through a box in the ground i’d say you don’t even know what the fuck a problem is

no i don’t wanna go

i am a wolfman
bred to be disowned
just let me stay and clutch this old tombstone
sweaty palms
bloody cough
but when the bandages come off
i”ll try to come and be your puppet show

keep on circling the block
i’ve got luck

i can get a rubber mask
wear it as a bluff
i can grow a moustache
i can shave it off
draw me as the devil
paint me like a clown
eyeball on my forehead
penis in my mouth

keep on circling the block
i’ve got luck
Track Name: I Don't Care
oh the fire pit
i dug a hole and then you layed some brick
the wood got chopped but it was never lit

oh the garden plot
i took some soil and filled it to the top
but there’s no vegetables
just weeds and rocks

and i don’t care
Track Name: Nothing Songs
when i wore a rubber mask
in disguise
i saw myself
through pinhole eyes

when i had a moustache
that brazen veil
stale and brash
a major scale

it’s here and then it’s gone
another nothing song
when i shred the flying v
my fingers had control of me
the marshall stack went

nothing songs for sale
Track Name: My Roommate Is A Snake And The Landlord's A Bat
man, i wanna hear that song again
i wanna hear that song
sing it loud and play it long

damn, i wanna live my life again
i want another try
i want a chance to live it right

so take me to the pet cemetery
put my body in the ground
and if i come back bad you can kill me all over again

now i'm a big grey cat starring out of the black, man, you know i feel so alone
my roommate is a snake and the landlord's a bat, i'm scared and i just wanna go home
Track Name: When We Were High
fucked in the eye
with a knife called self-doubt
worn out
he sighed
it’s a national anthem of his problems

now i know
falling domino

remember when we were high?
Track Name: This Town
you built a boat, man, it floated out
it hit a rock and then it ran aground
you tired to swim back and then you drowned
i guess you'll never get out of this town

you put a mask on, you got a knife
you hunted teenagers at night
the frisky ones were the first to die
you said they wouldn't make it out alive

never get out of this town
when you're down in the ground

you made a promise, a holy vow
you carved a symbol in your brow
wearing a trench coat and hiding out
i guess you'll never get out of this town

you pulled the teeth
and gouged out her eyes
you turned it all into a new disguise
you watched the sun set
you watched it rise
it’s shallow water go and take a dive
Track Name: Quirky
don’t call me peculiar or quirky
experimental? no, see
every song is as long as it ought to be

keep on circling the block
i’ve got luck

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