Any War feat. Astronautalis

from by Ceschi



We have been broken, and we have been beaten, and we have been stuck to the bottom floor
But we are focused and we still believe in the chance that the world could be so much more
Our planet’s eroding but we’ll still be growing and we’ll still be growing and we’ll still be ready for anything.
Ready for anything
Ready for any war

Top of the morning, fought my way out of a dream, I was soaring forty stories.
Now I’m back on my feet and the earth is crumbling below me
I can feel it disintegrating into infinite pebbles in space
I can see us becoming nothing
I can smell the eruption and face every minute of pain
Can’t settle for psychopath leaders
I want to believe in the people
I want to believe we could be living equally.
Call me naïve or a dreamer
I want to believe in you
If more of us could see we don’t need them, lived peacefully without the fucking police or a prison
Without a religion, it’s faith.
Alter the human condition.
This ain’t rapping
I’m vomiting honesty, really not promising anything
Born as the type to demolish a tower then build again
Fuck a minuteman
Ain’t no sympathy for the devil and we’re running away from God
Don’t be afraid of these laws
Break them, erase them, replace it all
We may be defeated, but life is too short to be stepped on and treated like cretins
I mean every word of it
Stop being comfortable with your subservience
Permanent vermin in office are burning us all to a crisp while we’re watching our bodies ignite into flames
Ain’t no fucking game
Keep on living, defending each other.
We’ll find a way

I wasn’t born upon the fourth of July
But I’m the son of a dozen soldiers soldiers and living through war all the time
I thought I told ya told ya told ya I ain’t never scared
But once you sobered sobered sobered
I saw that it wasn’t a god damned lie
So fuck it man, let us in there ain’t no heaven or hell
All we really need is us and some food on the shelf
A box a bullets
Fuck your pulpit
Fuck your power and wealth
We can push it we can pull it till it topples on down
Statues fall and they crumble easier than they built
Ain’t no small, ain’t no humble when there’s anger and will.
Yeah you stand tall if you want to but you just walkin on stilts
We kick them shits
You hit the bricks
Are you still feelin yourself?
And I’m like AYE!
I see that Black Bloc and that Antifa on FRONT PAGE
And I’m laughing when they sucker punched that
That alt-right gets goodnight and caught FADES
So, expect us, respect us, or PAY.


from Sad, Fat Luck, released April 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Fake Four Inc. New Haven, Connecticut

Fake Four Inc. is a record label based in New Haven, CT that specializes in experimental hip hop, indie pop and anything else we like.


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